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PoFung, Canton Electrical Equipment Corp. Limited is specialized in hot-air-drying machines, including Air Knife Drying Systems, hot air Reflow Tunnel Oven, Precise oven, hot Air Generator, Industrial Hot Air Generator, Reflow HotAir Generator, High-Pressure Hot Air Generator, Hot Air Fan, Ventilating Hot Air Fan, Gun Heater, Box Heater, Flexible Heating Hose; Air Knife, Amplified Flow Air Knife, Curved Air Knife, Mini Air Knife, Water Knife, Ionizing Air Knife, Dust & Debris Removal Air Knife, Ring Air Knife, Bendable Air Knife Set, Hot Air Knife, Reflow Hot Air Knife; Blower, Ring Blower, Eddy Blower, Heat Resistant Blower, Thermostatic Box, Air Filter, Heat Resistant Flexible Hose etc.As air knife drying technology is widely applied in all fields internationally, it is the best choice for all industry cleansing and drying process.Cleaning machinery: Especially applicable for PCB cleaning & drying machine, Glass cleaner, Ultrasonic cleaner, tunnel type mobile cleaner, commercial dishwasher etc.

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Including wind knife drying conveyor; hot air circulation oven tunnel furnace, precision hot; hot air generators, industrial machine, hot air circulating hot air machine, hot air generator, heat fan, air heater, circulating air knives, welcome to inquire!
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